My name is Gabrielle Dozier, the creator of Rooted Health & Healing. Allow me to tell you a little bit about what my mission is, and aspects of my life that inspire me to put out content and connect with all of you.

I am currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, learning about holistic health and working toward my health coach certification.  I am so grateful to be developing in a field that I’ve been passionate about for years.

I live on the island of Kauai and have been reflecting on the expansion of my career as well as carrying out my practice toward inner growth. I feel most inspired on the islands not only because of the picturesque beaches & views, but also the indescribable energy here that fuels my creativity.

I have always been interested in tools for self improvement, such as healthy eating, spiritual practices, and natural healing. I also love reading, writing, and connecting to humanity which is essentially why I’ve created this community.

I have had a routine of natural practices since my inner journey began and have healed my mind and body in inexplicable ways. I am on a continuous path of learning and growing and that is my intention with this blog: to share this ride I’m on and hopefully inspire you to work toward becoming your best self!

My goal is to connect with you, and share some of my strategies for becoming your highest self, so that we, as a collective humanity can rise above the challenges of our world.

To learn more in depth about my experiences and how they’ve influenced the creation of this community, check out my article Why Natural Healing Might Change Your Life.

For more information about this community, questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ, and guidance on your path, my email is