1.How do I begin my path toward growth with all of the crazy distractions in my life?

2.What are some helpful practices for maintaining my focus in a world of uncertainty?

3.What is plant-based eating and what is the point?

4.What are CBD’s and what can they do for me?

5.What is the law of attraction hype all about?

6.How do I manifest my best life?

7.How do I learn to truly love myself?

 8.How and why should I meditate?

9.How do I cope with traumatic situations and shed the programs they’ve caused?

10.Is it ever going to get better?

11.How can I detox as I begin making health changes?

12.What resources are there in my community that will support and inspire?

1. It is easy to have an idea of the person you want to be; the part that takes some action is actually finding the time in your life to work on yourself. In a society of go-go-go, you should make the conscious decision to set aside time in your day to respond to your own personal needs. That means instead of binge watching Netflix when you get home from work, make yourself a healthy pick me up(green juice, lemon water, a cup of tea) and do the things you’ve been thinking about for so long. Whether that means taking a lengthy bath, meditating for 10 minutes, or reading the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months, just take even a little bit of time out of your day to make it happen. If you’re a parent or working full time, try to remember that this path of self growth is about improving in all areas of your life. That means if all the time you have is to tend to your kids needs, or manage your business, spend each day focusing on how you can improve as a parent;spend everyday trying to exceed as a business owner. When you implement your highest self into all areas of your life, that is when you start to feel fulfillment.

2. Being human obviously isn’t all just a bunch of sunflowers and daisies. The truth is that even when we are on our highest path and are happy as can be, things can still go wrong. Because of that, many people are afraid of being happy whether they know it or not. Correction: they aren’t as afraid of being happy as they are of having their happiness being ripped away from them. Instead of living in fear of uncertainty, it is a great thing to embrace the unknown and accept that nothing is permanent. The only thing that genuinely matters is the moment you are currently in. Which brings me to a very important tool for maintaining mental health: meditation. Refer to question 8 for more information about it and how it can change your life. Despite the fact I don’t entirely agree with the concept of clinical ADHD, I was diagnosed with it at age 16. The only sustainable and healthy method for me to cope with my fast paced mind is meditation, healthy eating, and CBD medicine. Refer to question 4 for more information about CBD’s and why I have been using it for years. Continue to do and learn about the things that inspire you, so you feel a motivation to continue growing. Stagnancy is the worst thing you can do for your mental health.

3. Please, don’t let the word vegan scare you away. You might have been raised with the idea that eating meat and animal products is healthy and normal. Well, it may be normal but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be. You are entitled to your own ethical and dietary opinions; I believe in a lifestyle that is surrounded around what makes you thrive. So if eating a slice of salmon is what nourishes your body and you think giving that up would make you genuinely unhappy, don’t do it. But I believe it is important to remain educated on the opinions you stand for. I don’t label myself as a vegan as I find it very limiting compared to the person I am as a whole. But I do make every effort to eat intuitively and so that it’s not negatively impacting other sentient beings. In this community, I plan to share plant-based recipes, challenges, and posts regarding healthy eating as I strongly believe mind and body are dependent upon one another. A plant based diet consists of no meat, eggs, or dairy. So in other words, all veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds the world has to offer. You can actually receive all your nutrients(including protein) on a plant based diet and feel great! The reason why I promote this way of living is because I’ve followed it for quite a long time and have been healthier than ever. I have a few theories as to why that is, which I will share in future articles. I don’t have to calorie count or step on the scale, I eat what my body tells me I want, and best of all, I don’t feel guilty for eating a whole pint of ice cream because it’s made with coconuts instead of cow milk! So whether you’re looking for a lifestyle/diet change, or you’re looking for a way to heal your body, keep an eye out for my posts regarding the topic of plant based eating.

4. Becoming curious about natural medicine and how it can benefit your life is the first step to taking action toward healing your body. You’ll just keep getting closer to the one remedy that works for you and drastically improves your life. For me, it was CBD oil. I started smoking marijuana at a young age, and found a comfort from it that I couldn’t put my finger on. I later realized that it was very likely the CBD, or cannabidiol, a compound in the marijuana plant that relieves anxiety, depression, physical pain, sleeping issues, and is anti-inflammatory. Going through some rough teenage years, sure the THC(the part that gets you high) might have helped too. But now I have concentrated CBD oil that I take a dropper of every morning before work, and it doesn’t get me high at all. It won’t get you high either, seeing that it’s non-psychoactive. My family uses it to stop our dog’s seizures, and have heard many other miracles of it helping people, and even children with their persistent epilepsy. Whether you’re on pharmaceuticals and looking to get off, or just looking for a potent remedy for your health issues, look at my section on CBD’s and feel free to do your own extensive research.

5. You may or may not have heard about the law of attraction. It has gained a lot of popularity in the spiritual and new-age community recently, which  can be viewed as a very positive movement. Even if you’re more left brained and think in terms of physics, the concept of the law of attraction can still be for you. You may even be a sceptic, but I’m here to inform you that you actually have the power within you to reach your highest goals in life. Your thoughts and ideals are being reflected onto the physical reality more than you think. For instance, if there’s a job you’ve been dreaming of for years, and you’ve continued to tell yourself that you’re not good enough or it doesn’t exist, you’re not very likely end up having the ideal career. If you tell yourself everyday that it does exist and you give all your energy toward making it happen, trust me, you’ll eventually end up being surprised by the opportunities that open up. This is the law of attraction, your thoughts and actions having a reflective result. It is all about harnessing the power you have, and surrounding what you think and do around the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

6. The first step toward manifesting your best life is knowing what your best life looks like. Take some time out of your day to sit down and think about what you want out of your time spent here on Earth. Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to have a happy and healthy family? Do you want to start a goat-yoga business? Whatever it is, it’s imperative that you believe in your capabilities of making it happen. You need to tell yourself everyday that you have all the intelligence, resources, and confidence to bring your dream into reality. Usually the biggest obstacle for people isn’t external forces but rather limiting beliefs. So instead of being afraid of failing, just trust the process and know that everything will work in your favor. The next step is taking action. Use the confidence you’ve built into yourself to take physical action, even just a little everyday. Over time you will continue to find yourself closer to what you are seeking. A bonus ingredient to speeding up the process to reaching your highest potential is being grateful. Gratefulness is a high vibration of abundance, which connects you to the source and provokes miracles within your life. It will probably even reveal to you the miracles that are already happening.

7. Once you learn to genuinely love yourself for the human that you are, your journey toward growth will become exponentially easier as you will be on a path of positivity instead of self destruction. Loving yourself does not necessarily mean being selfish or narcissistic. In a lot of ways it actually means the opposite. An epiphany I had through feelings of loneliness brought me to my most true state of self love. I realized that the validation and comfort I was seeking in others I could actually give myself. I realized the feeling I’d get when people complimented me, or told that me it was going to be okay, I could give myself. When you look in the mirror, instead of focusing on your flaws, appreciate the miracle of the life that your body encompasses. View every crevice and cell of your body as beautiful, as it is the only thing you are guaranteed to have while alive. When you are feeling low moments or are hard on yourself for not living up to your own expectations, imagine yourself giving your own self a hug and telling you that it will get better and that you are amazing. Give yourself the same feeling of love and acceptance that you want from others. Most importantly, forgive yourself for your shortcomings. We all have once had feelings of incompetency and undeserving due to some of the experiences in our life that we may not be proud of. It’s time to let that go and give yourself the closure you need. You may have not done everything perfectly to society’s standards, but you are alive and reading right now which ultimately means you’re doing okay.

8. You have probably heard of meditation, and have your own notion of what it means. You might think that only Buddhists or new-age hippies meditate. You might even know the assistance that meditation could provide you, but haven’t felt inspired enough to do it everyday. Well for starters, you don’t have to start off doing it everyday, and anyone can reap the benefits of meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and after some practice, you’ll find the way that works best for you. What I like to suggest for beginners or those looking for a deeper experience, is to find a comfortable position sitting, laying down, or plank position if you so choose, it doesn’t matter to me. Take deep and natural breaths and focus on the feeling of air entering and escaping your lungs. Focus on the energy it provides to your body and how it makes your fingertips feel. Now try to imagine your thoughts as a river, passing by and never stopping for a second glance. If you begin thinking about what to eat for dinner, allow that thought to exist for a quick second and then release it. After some practice, you’ll find it easier to refrain from thinking random thoughts, and will rather sink into what the moment has to offer. Remember, if you tell yourself that it’s too hard for you to quiet your mind, it probably will be. If you let go of the reigns and just allow yourself to be for a few minutes, you’ll create an instant oasis for your mind. If you find yourself anxious, stressed, depressed, exhausted, or just not content, putting some effort toward meditating everyday, even if only for 5 minutes, will truly become your outlet. Instead of craving a glass of wine, you’ll want to sit down and shut off your thoughts. Because of this, it can be a very powerful tool for people that are suffering from physical and mental issues, as it’s job is to slow down and heal your body and mind. Stay tuned for more articles about different meditations and how to implement it into your daily life.

9. There’s many ways to cope with events in your past that have caused repressed emotions and destructive behavior patterns. A lot of people would be surprised by the way specific events in our lives act as catalysts to our worst habits. What comes with that realization however, is the reality that we are able to break through underlying issues just by working through subconscious beliefs and memories. I’m going to be raw with you and share that neither of my biological parents were consistently present in my life while growing up. There’s a lot more to add to the dynamics, but what’s important is the person I have become due to that situation. Through my teens I suffered from low self esteem, discontentment with my life, and physical health problems that were likely a reflection of where my mind was at. Since age 16 I have been consciously trying to shed patterns and ideals that were a result of my experiences at a young impressionable age. After facing the problem head on, and sure, going through some rough challenges along the way, I can say in this last year or two, I have been happier and healthier than ever. It takes time and effort, but I will tell you now, it is so worth it. If there are aspirations you have that you’ve been procrastinating on for a really long time, it might have to do with some underlying beliefs about your capabilities. You’re not just lazy. You might be subconsciously afraid to get up everyday and keep pushing toward your goals, because your comfort zone is hard to leave and God forbid you ever fail. There are many external resources that can help you, such as therapy, ayahuasca retreats, yoga, life coaching, journaling, and more. But the most powerful resource you have is within you. You are the only one who knows how the challenges you faced made you feel. You’re the only person who truly knows how it internally affects your life today. It’s your right to take ahold of your mind, and get face to face with your opposers. It’s not going to give you immediate happiness and there may be some epiphanies that bring out your suppressed emotions, but it will dramatically improve your life in the long term. Give yourself love and comfort for the hardships you;ve been through, you don’t necessarily need it from someone else. And whatever you do, follow your intuition and get whatever help you need. Don’t be too shy to fix your problems, your future self won’t be stoked.

10. I am covering this question in my FAQ because it is one that I used to think more than actually ask. Many people have moments where they wonder if their life is ever going to get better, or if they’re just stuck in a suck-fest. I sure as hell have. The reality is that there are aspects of our lives that we have no control over, and parts that we do. That means I can’t tell you how the situation you’re in is going to play out, that’s a psychic’s job. But I can tell you that whatever you’re going through, you have control over the most important part, which is your perspective. You might have every excuse in the world to be unhappy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. I’m sorry if you’re hurting right now due to something going on in your life, or if you’ve been feeling low. It’s your job to decide if you want a change in your life or if you want things to continue on the same cycle of mediocrity. So if you want it to get better, and you’re willing to put in the energy to improve your mindset, then yes, your life is going to become awesome.

11.  As you continue on your path of improvement, you might find a detox to be really helpful at kick starting your new lifestyle habits. There are many ways to detox ranging from intermediate to requiring intense discipline. I will share many more detox plans in the future, but will share a few quick tips and tricks to get you started. An easy habit to incorporate is drinking a large glass of lemon water when you wake up. This will regulate your PH levels, hydrate your body, and fight toxins in your body. Another incredible practice you can give your body is getting 8-9 hours of sleep for at least a week. Make it happen, however you need to. Watch how it improves your mood and heals your body. Start incorporating salads into your diet. Just one large salad a day, or every other day will nourish your body, fuel you with nutrients, and give you a sense of well being and health. Take an electronic break for a few days. Replace your scrolling time with reading books about topics that excite you or exercising your talents. Taking baby steps such as these are good points to start at, as they aren’t too overwhelming and will help you ease into your new lifestyle. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you run into temptations and challenges. You don’t have to go balls to wall, unless that’s your style and you know it’s sustainable for you. As I said, there are many other ways to cleanse your mind and body, but those are just a few suggestions to get you going.

12. If you feel like your group of friends or family aren’t the most encouraging toward your growth and might even be contributing to your unhealthy habits, it’s okay to keep loving them while also finding a community that’ll inspire you to reach your potential. We are fortunate in these days to have Social Media, which can help you make many connections with like minded people. Instagram and Facebook are great for finding groups and events in your area that discuss passions like yours. Stop being shy and telling yourself why people don’t like you, keep putting yourself out there and going places that match your vibe, you’ll be more likely to meet your people when you’re in your kind of place. Health food cafe’s, gyms, coffee shops, natural grocery stores, farmers markets, libraries, rock wall climbing centers: these are the places that attract a lot of positive, intellectual people that you might be seeking. Lastly, if you can manage to maintain the energy that you’re seeking in others, you’ll be much more likely to attract the tribe you’ve been looking for. Start by being the friend you’ve been looking for. Email me if you’re looking for more intensive life coaching if you need help or just someone to talk to about your growth.